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block3 – Building Blockchain Businesses

I am very excited to introduce our new venture after many months of planning.

After successfully launching our blockchain meetup group in Dec 2016, with notable guest speakers and collaborations from Coinbase, Powerledger and MyBit, our recruitment business (Intelligent Ways) experienced a sudden shift in demand. This drew us towards concentrating our efforts and resources into assembling the teams for prominent startups and established businesses within the blockchain / crypto ecosystem. Soon after, it became clear that we could help people grow the blockchain ecosystem beyond a recruitment capacity, by supporting the creation of exciting and ambitious business models that have spawned from this technological innovation.

We believe in the power of blockchain technologies for a better, more decentralised future. block3 enables businesses to quickly, safely and sustainably adopt and deploy blockchain technologies; commercialising their vision, and build the businesses of tomorrow.

We have already witnessed an explosion of innovation and creativity with the rapid growth and ubiquity of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies. 2017 was a transcending year that saw the blockchain / crypto space pierce through into mainstream public consciousness and cement itself as a technology that has the potential to drive us into a decentralised tomorrow.

We envisage that 2018 is the year that the blockchain industry begins its steps towards maturity, with more regulatory frameworks to be introduced and an increasing focus on instilling industry best practices and standards. Our team of technologists strategise, design, engineer, market and launch blockchain businesses – advocating best practice from conception through to commercialisation.

We believe in the power of blockchain technologies for a better, more decentralised future.

With our amazing team, we will build a trusted brand who champion the sustainable growth of blockchain technologies and it’s subsequent adoption. We have a wealth of experience in delivering blockchain strategy, technical best practice, implementation, and marketing new businesses and product launches with a significant and sustainable impact.

We have only just had a glimpse of how blockchain technologies will revolutionise existing industries and spearhead us towards new business models that we are yet to dream of. block3 is the on-ramp to building your blockchain business.

We welcome you to visit our website for a more comprehensive list of service offerings – www.block3.co

If you would like to get in touch please email me on jonathan@block3.co or if you’d like to be part of our block3 community, join by emailing us at info@block3.co

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